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How do I create an additional data module for a Session?
I'm tasked with maintaining a very old Delphi XE7, IntraWeb 14 (I think.. how do I determine the IW version number installed?), OS: Windows Server 2008

The IntraWeb app is working well.  It connects to a Firebird database and all the DB connection components (DAC by DevArt version 5.5.16) are in the UserSessionUnit.

My task is to allow this old app to connect to an additional Firebird database.  The company is upgrading all their apps, and they all point to a new Firebird database that has a different internal table and field structure (both "old" and "new" DBs are Firebird 3x, just different tables and fields).  The Intraweb app is a "helper" app, not the main one, so it must be made to bridge the gap between old and new.

I've done this before, many years ago, but forgot the best way to code this.  Here is my plan:

- Leave everything that is working, alone
- With your generous help, code the few lines in the few places necessary, to create an additional datamodule for the user session.
- Copy everything from the existing working UserSessionUnit to the newly created-on-the-fly datamodule (All component names can remain the same this way, making other code adjustments easier.  Only the datamodule the components and code point to, need be changed.)
- In the .ini file, put a flag that tells the IntraWeb app to use the old DB or the new one. (I'll flip this on "switch over" day from old DB to new DB)
- Make adjustments in the code to point to the appropriate datamodule and thereby the appropriate DB as indicated by the parameter in the above step


- I need step by step instructions on how to add an additional data module to the IW / Delphi XE7 app, starting right from the menus in XE7, to the final coding snippets and tell me the units to put them in.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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How do I create an additional data module for a Session? - by RedOctober - 09-07-2019, 02:19 PM

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