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IWCallBackFunc Bug IW 15.1.4
First, thanks for your report but, next time, publish only the part of the code that's related to the problem.
IntraWeb code is copyrighted and can't be published.

Having said that:

I don't think there is a bug there. As you can see, FEventParams object is created if it doesn't exist, in the second line after the try:

//Pass a copy of all Request params to the Callback.
if not Assigned(FEventParams) then begin
FEventParams := TIWStringList.Create;

When it gets to the finally block, FEventParams must be assigned. There is no other option.

I'm curious to know why you are thinking that this is the culprit of some weird AV you might have been facing...

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IWCallBackFunc Bug IW 15.1.4 - by omarperezh - 08-28-2019, 06:06 PM
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