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Indy SMTP Server TLS Change Certificates while Active?
Running Indy

It seems like I can’t change the certificate files after setting
IdSMTPServer1->Active = true;

I have my test certificate loaded before that call and that domain works fine but when I try to do after that does not reload/work

What I am trying do is add STARTTLS support based on bound IP then find the right domain certificate based on the IP to load.

Trying doing this in IdSMTPServer1Connect(TIdContext *AContext)
Where I find the AContext->Connection->Socket->Binding->IP; 

Which I hoped would then allow me to load the certificate file that was needed used the following:
IdServerIOHandlerSSLOpenSSL1->SSLOptions->CertFile = aSystemDrive + "\\cert\\" + asBannerDomain + "-chain.pem";
IdServerIOHandlerSSLOpenSSL1->SSLOptions->KeyFile = aSystemDrive + "\\cert\\" + asBannerDomain + "-key.pem";

Added logging to IdSMTPServerOnBeforeCommandHandler
And the CertFile and KeyFile were still set correctly. It seems like the certificates were not reloaded.

Been using to test with as well.

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Indy SMTP Server TLS Change Certificates while Active? - by vbgamer45 - 08-23-2019, 08:47 PM

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