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SA HTTPSYS Windows login name
Is this for a fixed set of users?  That is, not "open to the public"?

If so, you can use an option that relies on cookies to identify a specific machine.  Not perfect, but would be more effective than IP based.

Do you need to know explicitly which machine is accessing?  If so, create a "configuration" process where a reliable user (aka administrator) executes a process that loads a non expiring cookie on the machine.  Encrypt the cookie contents.  Using the decrypted contents, you can set up something on the server to identify the machine

Well, it will identify a the browser on the machine, you'll really need to use the cookie:browser pair.

If you do NOT need to explicitly know which machine then set that "configuration" process to work automatically.  If you don't find a valid cookie on startup then create one that continues to identify that particular machine (though you don't know where it is).

Not pretty, but most of the other options are (or will be) blocked.  Even the cookie option will probably need authorization but is likely to work for a longer term.  Getting specific machine information is going to be very difficult long term, as Chad said.  Security folks will probably stop whatever else you try, if they haven't already.

It's not pretty, and it's not foolproof, but is likely to work for what you mentioned.


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