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IdHTTP Post problem
I am trying to post weather data to the OpenWeatherMap API server.
They use a RESTful server (API 3.0).
The documentation on this is totally incomplete.

Using a third-party program called 'ARC' and a lot of research, I discovered that in addition to adding the KEY to the URL, it is also required that *before* the HTTP Request the same KEY is send, which in this ARC program is called an 'Action', with a 'Name' and a 'value'.
In another application reference on the Internet the same name+value where added in what was called the 'Params' of this application.

The only Params I have been able to find in the IdHTTP Client is here:


But this cannot be done because the 'Authentication' is not created.
And when I try to create it manually, I get a
[dcc32 Warning] Unit1.pas(224): W1020 Constructing instance of 'TIdAuthentication' containing abstract method 'TIdAuthentication.DoNext'

I am not even sure if this is the right location for this 'name' + 'Key'.

The OpenWeatherMap API does not do any negotiation; When the HTTP Post is not excactly correct, it just gives a '400' and disconnects.

OnAuthorisation and OnSelectAuthorisation are never called.

How am I to add these values to the HTTP Post, *before* the body containing JSON data is send?
Bart Kindt
CEO and Developer
SARTrack Limited
New Zealand

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