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Async events dont trigger after IW 15.0.22/23 update
(06-21-2019, 10:52 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: Please replace your IWData.res file(s) in your IW 15.0.23 installation directory with this one attached (please notice that you might have more than one copy of IWData.res in different directories. In this case, replace them all). 

It contains a workaround for TMS TTIWAdvEdit (possibly others) control bug.

This workaround will also be available in the next IW versions.

Please let me know if it fixed your issue.

After replacing all the IWData.res files for IW15 with the one provided by you my project is stuck in the initial loading process where the form loads I can see the controls but browser just hangs.

Re-installed IW and it works with FireFox. Chrome and IE hang. Sent you an email with the error screenshot for Chrome.

Thanks Alexandre!

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