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How fix Money values with iwdbedit before save

I need to fix money values of a IWDBEDIT before save it to a  firebird DB table.
I use a MaskMoney JS plugin to format the money entry data.
Alter I enter data, my front end shows for sample: "$ 10,00". Next, I call an AsyncClick  of a Button as:

procedure TMyform.BtnSaveAsyncClick(Sender: TObject;  EventParams: TStringList);
    // Here I´d like to fix the currency format before save to DB
    // But, is too late.  An error occur saying my entry field "$ 10,00" is not a format valid

I could fix it in the front end, before call the async click. But, the field  will shows in wrong format in browser.

How could I fix it on back end before save the record?


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How fix Money values with iwdbedit before save - by - 06-01-2019, 05:53 PM

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