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Some bugs in TIdIMAP4
I use Indy 5499. After installing and compiling it, first thing I noticed is that right clicking on dclIndyCore140.dpk and selecting Install reports an error. This wasn't the case in earlier versions, however, Install on dclIndyProtocols140.dpk works fine. I assume this is some change since earlier release and that it is now enough to install just dclIndyProtocols140.dpk

Anyway, onto the main problem - when downloading message list from IMAP, using UIDRetrieveAllEnvelopes

I get a list which contains subjects like (reply log from server):

Quote:* 1760 FETCH (UID 12777 FLAGS (\Seen) ENVELOPE ("5 May 2019 07:50:59 +0200" "Test \"quoted text\", more text" (("test" NIL "test" "")) (("test" NIL "test" "")) (("test" NIL "test" "")) ((NIL NIL "test2" "")) NIL NIL NIL "<>"))

The list is from Gmail if that is of any relevance.

The problem is the \" escaping of quotes - Indy doesn't seem to decode this properly and the text ends up as Test \

It should be decoded as Test "quoted text", more text

Is this a known bug?

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