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Tools to inspect vulnerability on dll made by IntraWeb.
Hi All,

We are trying to inspect vulnerability on dll made by IntraWeb.
But object count is large.So I should use security tool to finish this task.

Does anyone know which tools is proper to inspect vulnerability? 
or does anyone know which tools maybe good to inspect vulnerability?

The below is the information I think it is need to judgement.
When you need more inforamtion, I'll write down in this thread.

*IntraWeb version

*Middle ware
Microsoft Internet Information Services(IIS) 8.5

Windows OS 10

*Test point of view
OWASP ASVS Level 1, especially XSS and injection.
IntraWeb is regularly checked by both us and many of our larger customers against exploits using various tools.

11.0.66 however is very old.

there are several tools to run penetration tests but it is a *very* tedious and time consuming task. In general, external auditors run their own pre-canned diagnostic script so it doesn't take that long. Creating such script from scratch without any previous experience will take you a long time.

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