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Compose mail message
I would like to send an e-mail message from my intraweb application, composing it.
I'm using the mailto command with all the data needed for the message, and, for open it i use the webapplication.newwindow(), but, together with the message from the default mail client is opened another empty window too.
Is there a way for open only the mail client window with the mail message ?
Thank you.
mailto links are limited and often unreliable due to anti virus etc.

Unless you need to use the users local address book etc, its generally a better practice to accept the info and send via the server.

mailto is only really usable these days in tightly controlled corp environments where you know the mail program that is set up to handle it and the antivirus is known etc.

New window will have no effect as mailto does not open in a browser window but launches an external program.
Thank you for your suggestion
I use Mailgun to send email messages. You can use the RestClient components to easily send messages.
Geremiah, look this demo.
Thank you, i will try.

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