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IntraWeb 15.2.57 is out!
Hi guys,

there is a new update for IW, version 15.2.57. Unfortunately there was a regression bug in version 15.2.56, so please update.

There is some new stuff which enhances the way you can deal with browser's back button too! A demo will follow

enjoy!  Big Grin

You write in the version history under modified:

Better handling of back button when ServerController.BackButtonOptions.Mode = bmEnable

I thought the bmEnable value has to be used to disable Intraweb from handling of the browser back button ?

So far I have used the following settings:

TIWServerController::BackButtonOptions->Mode = bmInterceptForm
TIWAppForm:TonguereventBackButton = true

You are correct, maybe the working form my part is not clear.

bmEnable means that IW won't block the back button at all. It will do whatever the browsers intend it to do.

However, from IW side, when the back button action is detected, there are certain things that IW needs to do to keep your application working smoothly.

Most people creates SPAs (single page applications) where a single URL is used in the application context. However, you can also create multi-page applications easily with IntraWeb especially using content handlers.

I'll update a new demo later today showing how you can explore this possibility as well

please check this new demo:

Please notice how the URL in the browser behaves and how the whole application works correctly even when you hit the back/forward buttons

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