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Set column width in IWjQDBGrid

I'm having problems with the IWjQDBGrid. I want to set the column widths to absolute values but they keep changing depending on the width of the control.

I set the alignment of the control to alTop.
I'w set the width property of all my Columns to desired width.
I uncheck the Options.goAutoColumnWidth option.

When i then show the form all column widths are adjusted so they all fit in the grid without showing any vertical scrollbar.

I now can manually change tho column widths and if needed the vertical scrollbar appeares (nice feature).

I also cant fins any way to set the column widths programatically!? 
The option IWjQDBGrid.Columns[x].Width is not available!?

Best regards, Mikael
Anyone who can help me with this? How do I programatically set the solumn widths in a IWjQDBGrid!

One week and not a single reply. Isn't it possible to do?

Best regards, Mikael
If you align your jQGrid (alTop, alBottom, etc) your columns will also be resized when the grid is resized. That's how the jQGrid behaves by design.

I'll create a change request to add this feature in the next release.

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