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IntraWeb and WebRTC

Can anyone recommend a stable and safe solution for implementing WebRTC in IntraWeb applications ?
It is important that the IntraWeb application authorizes connections and manages WebRTC server connections.

Seems simple:

First machine has an public IP address (Computer in the company):
Server WWW (IntraWeb) + Server WebRTC + Client WebRTC
It can be as one application. It will be much easier and safer to communicate inside the application.

Second machine inside the NAT network (Employee's computer):
Only client WebRTC (Web browser)

Maybe there are some solution WebRTC server/client components ?

Best Regards
My first inclination would be to get a representative connection working on a plain/sample web page, then make that into a template, then use the template in IW with IW executing JS to manage those components.

That said, I have only briefly looked at WebRTC and have never tried creating anything with it. But, since it's mostly peer to peer the barriers you need to work around are going to be network and WebRTC based (rather than IW issues) I think.

When you get parts of this working please post more. I'm curious and I'm sure others can comment on possible improvements as well.


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