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Tab order issues mixing CG and IW components
Hi there.  I had time this morning to try the setting of the taborder property of CG components in the create event of the form but no dice.  The CG tools seem to not be designed to work with the base platform.  I also tried in the render event too with no success.  

I just discovered when I mouse over their fields in the IDE, I get an "order" text beside the text saying tab stop true with a number that is contiguous with the number of CF fields on the form so if that is the tab order, then it is nuts.  Looks like maybe the issue is when the field is created on the form that determines the tab order in the browser.  Is there something in the designer somewhere that saves this tab order value from this viewpoint?  

For example one field is saying order 3 in the IDE when I mouse over but then has 20 for the tab order and 20 is what is in the DFM file.  No 3 anywhere saved that I can see but that comes up in the IDE when I load the form.  Where is the iDE getting this value when the form loads?

Cheers!  b
Hi there.  Just to close this thread I just wanted to let all know that this has been reported to CG and they will see what is occurring and hopefully fix for a future release.  Until then I get to have random tabs for users.  This seems to be based on the order that the fields are created in the IDE since kind of works on other forms so when I have time I will cut and paste the fields out to work around the issue.  Thank you to all that contributed to this thread.  Cheers.
(02-02-2020, 02:41 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: This is the new tab order editor which will be released in the next update (design stolen borrowed from GExperts editor). Hopefully it will make things easier

[Image: tabordereditor.png]

I am using IW 15.1.20 on Delphi 10.3.3. Can you please tell me how to open this Tab Order Editor, because I cannot find it.

Thanks, Paul
Hi, I use 15.1.21.
I can only find a region in the tab-order, no other visible components
Update or look harder?

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