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Delphi Rio 10.3.2 IW 14.2 Debugger Not Working?
I am new to IntraWeb and am trying it out for the first time.  However when I drop a breakpoint on the code in the Form unit it does not seem to trigger correctly.  Does Intraweb support the Delphi debugger?  If so does anyone have any suggestions that I may try to get that working.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Yes it absolutely supports the debugger - by default in fact.

There are a variety of reasons that the debugger could be disabled but they are all specific to Delphi not IntraWeb unless you are deploying as ISAPI.

1) What method are you using to deploy?

2) Do you have Delphi set to release or debug configuration?
Thank you for your quick reply. I was working in Debug mode on a stand alone application. I should have tried this earlier but I did a Project->Clean and then rebuilt it and it appears to be debugging as expected now. Thanks again.
Sometimes the DCUs get out of date and can cause this. It seems to be more frequent in 10.x IDEs and it affects us even during IW development.

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