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RE: Reconnect TIWimer - Alexandre Machado - 06-03-2019

Yes, latest IW 15 changed the behavior.

You should update, not only because of it, but because it contains hundreds of fixes and enhancements.

You can try the attached file on IW 14. 
- Rename your original IWData.res (you probably have one copy for each platform - e.g. you will find one copy inside each folder Delphi 10.3 x86 and Delphi 10.3 x64). 
- Save the attached IWData.res to the same folder(s)
- Build your application

RE: Reconnect TIWimer - Rassamaha78 - 06-10-2019

I purchased the IW 15.0.21
Set IWServerController.JavaScriptOptions.AjaxErrorMode := emNone.
Put a TIWTimer on the form, and just showing the time on the page (in OnAsyncTimer event ).
When i disconnect Ethernet cable - time is frizzing, if i connect Ethernet cable again, the timer does not continue its work, time does not go.
What am I doing wrong ?

RE: Reconnect TIWimer - Alexandre Machado - 06-10-2019

The attached demo shows that it works as expected. Can you please try it?