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TIWAutherList, TIWAutherINI, TIWAutherEvent - Mikey29 - 04-13-2018

Hello Everybody !
I'm new on Intraweb, and I try to build my first application.
I'm on Delphi Tokyo entreprise, and I've upgraded my bundle version with the last one of Intraweb...
I try to use TIWAutherINI but I don't succeded to get it run... Nothing happens..

I've placed the component on the ServerController, Placed the property AuthBeforeNewSession to true, and link the Auther property to my component...
I've also placed a ini file named #Auth.ini in the same directory of my application...
The ini file is build like this :

I run my application, but nothing happens for authentification...
Where I could find documentation or sample to use those components , please ?

With Best Regards,

RE: TIWAutherList, TIWAutherINI, TIWAutherEvent - Joao Lira - 04-13-2018

Hello, Mikey

Try looking on Intraweb demos page:

Joao Lira

RE: TIWAutherList, TIWAutherINI, TIWAutherEvent - Mikey29 - 04-16-2018

Hello Joao,

I will test the sample given in your link.

Big thank you to you !

With best Regards,