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Javascript help - TonyNZ - 12-10-2018

I need to get an authenticated ID from an external site (OrcID). The process, from an Intraweb application, is to open up a URL to that site, login with a username / password and "authorize" my web site (Intraweb) to be supplied the ID. OrcID then redirects back to my site with a URL that contains the authenticated ID. Which I would need to "read" and store the value in a Delphi variable.

I have been supplied with an example of how to do this via a number of javascript functions (attached). But I don't even know how to integrate these into an Intraweb (15.x) application. 

Any help / advice appreciated.

RE: Javascript help - Alexandre Machado - 12-14-2018

Hi Tony... I don't see the attachment...

Can you please send to my e-mail? alexandre at atozed dot com

I can have a look