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CGI Runner Demo - Alexandre Machado - 10-23-2018

Hi guys,

there is a new demo which shows how to use the new TIWCGIRunner class (available in IW 15):

You will find 2 projects there as part of CGIRunnerDemo project group:

CGIRunnerReport: A stand alone IW application which executes a CGI application

CGIReport: A std CGI application, WebBroker based, also created with Delphi, which generates a sample PDF report.

CGI applications can be used in several situations:
- you already have a working CGI application and want to call it from your new or existing IW application;
- You have a complex report which can't be easily ported to a multi-threaded application (have in mind that a CGI application behaves like a normal desktop application regarding multi-thread, i.e, a CGI application is basically a single-threaded console application). 
- You want to use and/or integrate 3rd party components - including report generators - which are not multi-thread friendly.

RE: CGI Runner Demo - lfeliz - 11-03-2018

Thanks this works great.

RE: CGI Runner Demo - Alexandre Machado - 11-04-2018

(11-03-2018, 10:01 PM)lfeliz Wrote: Thanks this works great.

Great! Thanks for the feedback, Lou!