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Bootstrap compile error - JuergenS - 10-07-2018


i just tried the bootstrap example from Loren and it's running with Delphi XE6.

But if i try to create a simple bootstrap project with just a region and a button i receive the following error:

[bcc32 Error] IWBSCustomControl.hpp(143): E2303 typname expected
  complete Parser-Context
    Unit1.cpp(6): #include Unit1.h
    Unit1.h(23): #include C:\IntraWeb 15\LibD10_2W32\IWBSButton.hpp
    IWBSButton.hpp(25): #include C:\IntraWeb 15\LibD10_2W32\IWBSCustomControl.hpp
    IWBSCustomControl.hpp(42): namespace Iwbscustomcontrol
    IWBSCustomControl.hpp(47): class TIWBSCustomControl
    __property OnHTMLtag;
I'm using:

    C++Builder 10.2.3
    IW 15.0.12

Thanks for any help

RE: Bootstrap compile error - ShaneStump - 10-07-2018

Howdy Juergen,

I had same problem as I always do on some C++ Builder created packages from Delphi sources.

Just comment it out and rebuild.

All the best,


RE: Bootstrap compile error - JuergenS - 10-08-2018

Hi Shane,
thanks for your help.

RE: Bootstrap compile error - Alexandre Machado - 10-08-2018

Please change this:


into this:


in IWBSCustomControl.hpp file

note the uppercase T in the second line.

This is a typo in IWBS source code which doesn't make any difference in Delphi but certainly doesn't work in C++ Builder.

RE: Bootstrap compile error - JuergenS - 10-08-2018

Hi Alexandre,
thanks for your response