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IntraWeb 15.0.7 is out! - Alexandre Machado - 07-08-2018

Hi guys,

new important update for Intraweb 15:

Enjoy!  Smile

RE: IntraWeb 15.0.7 is out! - TonyNZ - 07-12-2018

IW15 installed fine in XE2, but while the Bootstrap components installed the palette icons (except for TIWBSTabControl) are the default icons only. I have deleted the bpl and dcp files, rebuilt and reinstalled but can't get anything but the default IDE one. Not a biggie at this stage just thought I might be missing something.

Apart from that ... I modified / created some new TMSIW .dpk and .dproj files and all those components installed.

I compiled one of my 14.x projects and apart from a couple of "can't find iwcompfile.dcu" errors that also compiled and runs. Now to start testing the https! I have a client currently running between 8 to 12 SA servers (behind Octagate) at any one time, so this should simply much of that setup. Exciting stuff!