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New Delphi Forums! - kudzu - 03-12-2018

As the Embarcadero forums are unreliable and often offline for long periods of time, we have created web forums in English and Portuguese for Delphi! If other languages are desired, we can add forums for them as well.

Feel free to join us and spread the word.

RE: New Delphi Forums! - domnick - 07-19-2018

Thanks for this sir.. It is very helpful for us!!

RE: New Delphi Forums! - kudzu - 07-19-2018

Now all we need are people to start posting. Smile Spread the word... because of Indy and Atozed, we have people who also watch these forums and will respond....

RE: New Delphi Forums! - sheedal - 11-01-2018

Thank You So much for keeping us up to date!

RE: New Delphi Forums! - mikehi - 04-24-2019

Thanks Chad,
Looking forward to participating

RE: New Delphi Forums! - kudzu - 04-25-2019

Delphi sections still here. The EMBT ones are "alive" again but are truly a horrid piece of software. Lets get the party started here Smile