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Webapplication.LastAccess - rico4iw - 10-19-2022


We recently upgraded to IW version 15.2.65  from 14.0.63 (yes it's a big jump) since we also upgraded to Delphi 11 Alexandria.  I discovered that in 15.2.65 version,  the Webapplication.LastAccess is triggered or 'marked' by the IWTimer OnTimer event (also with OnAsyncTimer).  Is this a new feature or a bug?  Another side effect is that the session does not expire anymore if there's a IWTimer with an OnTimer event.

We used several versions of IW Version 14 (last was 14.0.63) and the WebApplication.LastAccess is only 'marked' by user inputs like mouse clicks/movements and keyboard but not by IWTimer OnTimer event.    

Thanks so much and best regards,
Rico Pamplona
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