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HTTPSys Authenticatiom - PaulWeem - 06-09-2022

Hi all,

I am running an internal only application in HTTPSys and would like to authenticate users through Active Directory (Windows Integrated).

But what I try, the reported user is always "SYSTEM" (the user with which the service is started).

Is there a possibility to add Windows Integrated Authentication (like in IIS) to HTTPSys?

Delphi 11.1 with IW 15.2.26.

Cheers, Paul

RE: HTTPSys Authenticatiom - Alexandre Machado - 06-13-2022

I suppose you are still going to require your users to login to your application when the session starts (using their Windows credentials), is that correct?

RE: HTTPSys Authenticatiom - PaulWeem - 06-13-2022

What I would like to accomplish is integrated security, so the credentials of the domain user are automatically passed through to the application.
In this case I want to prevent the users having to login every time they start the application.