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IWjQGrid column 2 lines - Comograma - 12-02-2021

Is it possible to present a column with 2 lines or more (wordwrap kind) on a IWjQDBGrid?
On a small width display, some strings columns are to big and they will "sacrifice" other columns that aren't so big.
Is there a way do do this?
On a IWDBGrid, we just set wordwrap property for a column to true and it will present the content in 2 or more lines.

RE: IWjQGrid column 2 lines - Alexandre Machado - 12-11-2021

Currently it's not possible. It's in our todo list so expect it to be available in a future release

RE: IWjQGrid column 2 lines - Alexandre Machado - 12-15-2021

I just committed the changeset. it will be available in the next release