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15.0.21 in Delphi 10.4.2 - microSOLUTIONS - 04-23-2021


Do You know if it is possible to complie IW 15.0.21
for Delphi 10.4.2? 

We have some compatibility issue with 15.2.25 and the new one seems to be 
slow even with a small test project. (1.7ms vs 380ms). 
(with CGDevTools)

Best Regards:

RE: 15.0.21 in Delphi 10.4.2 - Alexandre Machado - 04-23-2021

What exactly is "slow"? What are you measuring?

From IW perspective there is nothing that became slower from 15.0 to 15.2. Actually, it is quite the contrary, overall performance is much better than any prior version.

Having said that, it is not possible to build it for 10.4.2. If you want to keep using old versions I'm afraid you will be stuck with an old version of Delphi. And believe me, this is a bad solution for any problem.

It's better to report whatever you found to be slow and get it sorted out

RE: 15.0.21 in Delphi 10.4.2 - microSOLUTIONS - 04-27-2021

I have tested with IWGrid, You are right it is even faster a bit with the newer version.
I will contact with CGDevTools.

Yes, I also like to use the new versions, but in this case it makes some trouble, so it would have been more secure
to use the tested 15.0.21 version.
D 10.4.2 is very promising, finally (after several years) the compilation is fast without IdeFix, and CodeInsight works.