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IWDBGridCellClick ? DBGRID Cell Click - morhous - 05-18-2018

Hello guys maybe i am spamming too many questions sorry for that, but somehow it keeps forum alive i guess   Smile
so here goes my regular simulating questions :
1. I notice IWGrid has CellClick that can pick cell value. But how i Cell Click in IWDBGrid? anyone have a piece of code for it?

OH i am so dumb i found columns > cell > events >onclick (of Cell) sorry but keeping alive is good thing aey Cheers

Also how to get entire row values so far i can get my cell value by using this

procedure TregListUserForm.getCellValue(ASender: TObject; const AValue: string);

RE: IWDBGridCellClick ? DBGRID Cell Click - morhous - 05-20-2018

How to get row values