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DBLookupCombo demo question - aimpera - 10-29-2020

I'm very impressed from 0-code for demo DBLookupCombo (in 15 directory of Intraweb demo).

But when I put the three TIWDBLookupComboBox into a iwRegion (or into a tabControl) the magic stops working...

There is a trick for this situation?

Best Regards, Alfredo.

RE: DBLookupCombo demo question - Alexandre Machado - 11-02-2020

Interesting but you are correct. There is a small glitch when it is used in IWRegion (each tab of a IWTabControl is also a region under the hood).

A new fix is in place and should be released soon.

Thanks for your report

RE: DBLookupCombo demo question - Alexandre Machado - 11-10-2020

Please update to 15.2.20 which fixes this issue