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IWBS4 Buttons dont work - DavEar - 10-12-2020

Hello, I'm neewbie of IWBS but why if i use IWBS4Layoutmanager no buttons works ( Click and AsyncClik ) , just using IWBSLayoutManager everythings works?

I copy redist  folder both as wwwroot and iwbs, in the folder of the application


RE: IWBS4 Buttons dont work - Alexandre Machado - 10-26-2020

There are 2 component sets:

IW Bootstrap 3 (all controls and units have the IWBS prefix), and IW Bootstrap 4 (all controls and units have the IWBS4 prefix). They shouldn't be mixed together.
They are basically the same controls (with small differences) but one is based on Bootstrap 3 and the other is based on Bootstrap 4.

So, if you are using IWBS buttons, please use only IWBS3 components and units in your project.