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Bug on IW 15.2.12 - softdev85 - 08-12-2020

i have install last version out
there are one bug for me
i use on top of screen frame menu
and the botom part off this menu is not showing
if there are an region in botom on menu.

before with version 15.2.11 they work properly but now not

best regards

RE: Bug on IW 15.2.12 - kudzu - 08-12-2020

Please prepare a ready to run demo that demonstrates the issue.

RE: Bug on IW 15.2.12 - softdev85 - 08-13-2020

yes i do that, maybe not today i am busy,
but a do that

RE: Bug on IW 15.2.12 - Alexandre Machado - 08-21-2020

Were you able to recreate this issue?