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ISAPI & ComInitialization - JalcoJohn - 05-09-2018

I've an app that has ComInitialization set to ciMultiThreaded and it all works fine on my installation of IIS (Version 8). however, when I deploy it to my Client's server running the same version of IIS I get the error 'Cannot change thread mode after it is set'.  If I change it to ciNormal it seems to work OK.

So the question is, has IIS got some setting somewhere that controls COM on the face of it both systems look the same and is there any harm in leaving it at ciNormal?

Any help much appreciated.


RE: ISAPI & ComInitialization - kudzu - 05-10-2018

Where are you setting it?

RE: ISAPI & ComInitialization - JalcoJohn - 05-10-2018

Just setting it on the ServerController form properties.