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Could Not Load Image - tinygoldwing - 12-07-2019

I've gotten 'Could not load image' a couple of times now on two separate components.  One on TUIWAdvWebGrid.Glyphs.EditButton (which I've never defined) and now the TWIAdvImage1.Picture.  Since they are on the main form the app fails to load with that message.

Error details:

Exception message : Error reading TIWAdvImage1.Picture.Data: Could not load image. Invalid format
Depending on the error condition, it might be possible to restart the application.
Exception class : EReadError
Exception address : 004C60D0
Exception Time : 2019-12-07 17:41:47.445

I know these aren't your components but I started getting the message when I added a background image on form.background

It takes a while for the message to show up.  Usually in three or four days.  But once it does I have to restart the IW service.  I'm thinking maybe something isn't being released.  I don't know.

Please let me know if you've seen this.


RE: Could Not Load Image - Alexandre Machado - 12-10-2019

This is an issue with TMS code. I spent a whole weekend in the past investigating this issue. I'll need to get back to my notes from that time and see what I can find.

Please give me a few hours and I'll get back to you on this

RE: Could Not Load Image - tinygoldwing - 12-26-2019

Hi Alexandre were you able to find it? I'm still getting it. I'm having to restart the service which is ugly when there are a bunch of users connecting and working.