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Mouse events on form level ? - SorenJensen - 10-06-2019

Hi All,

Sorry if this have been asked before. I have tried to search previous posts, but have not found any, and apparently after a number of searches, one is only allowed to make one search every 30 seconds....

Anyway, I have a region, with a listbox covering it, on my form and with visible property set false. When certain conditions are met, the visible property is set true and the region becomes visible.

What I'm looking for is a way to set visible = false again, without having to click the region / listbox. Obviously it works fine with a onclick event for the listbox, but that is only when the mouse pointer is within the boundaries of the listbox. I want the region / listbox to disappear regardless of where the mouse pointer is when I click it. I do not seem to find any mouse events for the form.

Can anybody tell me how to do that, or point me in the right direction ? Anyone have any examples anywhere ?


RE: Mouse events on form level ? - kudzu - 10-06-2019

JS and the DOM support event bubbling but to do what you need you'd need an even on a master tag.

If you set a click event in JS manually on a top level tag, ie near the page you can then capture the DOM based click event. Controls that have their own click event may or may not let the event bubble up though and IW would have no way to know of the event so you should also hook it to an async callback.

RE: Mouse events on form level ? - SorenJensen - 10-07-2019

Hi Kudzu,

Thanks for the information. I'll see if I can find out how to use it.