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Capture stack trace - dwill9 - 10-03-2019

trying to troubleshoot a "null reference" exception being passed from a .net dll.  The developer wants a stack trace.  Is there a way to get this back from crosstalk?  ECTDotNETException.StackTrace is empty.  E.Message and E.ToString are the same... "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."  Is there some sort of logging that could be to be turned on?  How could I capture the stack trace coming back from the .net dll?

RE: Capture stack trace - kudzu - 10-04-2019

There are 3 languages involved in CT so there are 3 stack traces and generally not available in releases without a debugger.

For your .NET source you can debug it with Visual Studio. Just set your EXE as the launch host, set a break point in your .NET code and run.