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Source installation of IW15 (D10.2.3) not working - Fulgan - 04-25-2019


I'm installing the latest version of IW 15 on a new machine and expisting programs fails to compile.

What I have done:

- Installed IW15 using the installer
- Ran the registration wizard
- Installed the components in the IDE
- Downloaded the IW15 source code and replace the "lib" sub-folder
- Removed reference to IW14 folders from the project
- Did a "clean" and then "build"

This is the message I have:

[dcc32 Fatal Error] IW.Common.RenderStream.pas(33): F2051 Unit IWServerSession was compiled with a different version of IWException.EInvalidAppID

IWServerSession source code is not provided so I can't just recompile it.

I used the files with the following names:


The source package file name is weird but I double-ckeched: it is the latest available for download (and my subscription does not expire until August).

I found the issue: IWSource15.0.9_20180724 is not the latest version but the download application does not order the files properly, only alphabetically. As a result, the files offered are unsorted.

Updating the the correct source code version sloved my problem.

RE: Source installation of IW15 (D10.2.3) not working - kudzu - 04-25-2019

Thanks for the update.