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Migration Intraweb New Version

We had the Intraweb version 14.0.47 and now we're trying to migrate to new Intraweb 15.1.19.

The application (s) use ADO for connecting to the database. This was working good, despite the bad practice that we have implemented that each form has a lot of ADOQuery component.

This is the actual configuration:

1.- Usersession has the ADOConnection and a bunch of TADOQuery component. 
2.- A lot of forms with a lot of TADOQuery component. 

It was working.

Now after the installation of Intraweb 15.1.19, now we get this error Missing Connection or ConnectionString. Nothing have changed, how can we solve this problem???

Hi Guys!

I forgot to mention that all ADOQuery components have the connection property assigned this way, at design time:
ADOQuery1.Connection: = UserSession.DataBase;

As I said, this was working until the migration to Intraweb 15.1.19.

Now, at runtime, I get this error: Missing Connection or ConnectionString. When any ADOQuery call the Open method.

Please, anyone can help me??
Hi Rolphy,

I am experiencing the same problem, after upgrading to 15.1.19.
When I assign the Connection programmatically in FormCreate, it works like it should.
Otherwise, you keep getting this error.

I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but as workaround it's doable.

Regards, Paul
I can confirm, after updating IW from version 15.1.18 to 15.1.19 I get the same error:

"Missing Connection or ConnectionString"

Rolphy, try installing version 15.1.18, see if you get the error.

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