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Full Version: Call async on click from img
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I use Intraweb together with layout manager. When populating table with some images I do this in IWTemplateProcessorHTML1UnknownTag:

VValue := '<a href="#" onclick="SubmitClickConfirm(''btnSend'',''' + 'somekey' + ''', true, '''');return false;">' + '<img src="images\send.png" />' + '</a>';

Behind btnSend I have some code. And that is full sumbit of the form which is ok in this case.

But now I want to call OnAsyncClick of the button when user clicks on that img. Any ideas what to do?


Hi Grega. You can call an AjaxCall of a Procedure, instead a OnAsyncClick of the button. See this demo.

Big thanks, it works like a charm.