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Full Version: Strange error: Site#.cfg file not found.
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Hi guys,

I have strange error: 

[Image: 2.PNG?dl=0&raw=1]

Interesting, but previously I didn't have such error. I'm deploying IW library via aspx (VM + IIS). I googled such error - but without success.
Maybe somebody know the issue?
Which IW version is this? Latest 15.0.10?
(09-10-2018, 04:17 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: [ -> ]Which IW version is this? Latest 15.0.10?

Yes, 15.0.10.
Hi Sergey,

does it happen under special circumstances of after some specific request? I'll try it on our environment but the more details you give me about the issue the easier it will be to possibly recreate it...
Hi Alexandre,

I already deployed the project like ISAPI, not via ASP.NET wrapper and it works. If to be honest I don't have more time to make the IW library alive.