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Full Version: Working with PNG data
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Good time of day!

I've never worked with images. Now there is a need to display the image received from the server.

Here is the response I get from the server as a result of the request:

{"code":"000","message":"Запрос обработан успешно","data":{"image":{"mediaType":"image/png","content":"iVBORw0KGgoAAAAN....................."}}}

Please tell me how to display the received image in the "content" parameter on the screen. I use Delphi
Is this an Indy question? Indy can decode Base64 which that looks to be. If so please use the Indy forum that also exists here.
Thank you, you helped me. You suggested that this is Base64. And using your hint, I found a solution to the problem.
(05-13-2022, 06:23 PM)kudzu Wrote: [ -> ]Is this an Indy question?

Does it matter? This was asked in a "Delphi General Discussion" forum. If non-Indy questions are not allowed here, then why does this forum exist?
I didn't know that this problem could be solved by Indy, so I wrote to the Delphi forum. And in the end I solved the problem without Indy. Thanks again.

uses pngimage, EncdDecd
procedure TfmViewQRC.ShowQRC(mContent: String);
mStream1 : TMemoryStream;
mStream2 : TMemoryStream;
mPng : TPngobject;
mStream1 := TMemoryStream.Create;
mStream2 := TMemoryStream.Create;
mPng := TPNGObject.Create;

mStream2.Position := 0;
For future reference, IntraWeb has a unit IWImageUtils which has some utility functions to handle this issue:

procedure GraphicToBase64Str(Input: TGraphic; var Output: string);
procedure Base64StrToGraphic(var Input: string; Output: TGraphic);
function CreateGraphicFromBase64Str(var Input: string): TGraphic;
procedure Base64StrToPng(var Input: string; Output: TPngImage);
procedure Base64StrToJpg(var Input: string; Output: TJpegImage);
procedure Base64StrToGif(var Input: string; Output: TGifImage);
function Base64StrToImageFile(var Input, AFileName: string): Boolean;