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Full Version: Let's Encrypt error
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An error occurred when generating an SSL certificate with the Certificate Manager V1.0.2.0 in the Let's Encrypt staging environment (see image).

I've never seen this error before... Is it possible that you have a different version of OpenSSL DLLs around?
This are the versions i have used, all in the same directory:

IWCertificateManager.exe (12.06.2021)
libeay32.dll (21.05.2019)
ssleay32.dll (21.05.2019)
The same versions that I'm using myself.
I've never found this problem. I tried the application recently and it works correctly as usual.

Were you able to get it working or it always gives this same error?
No, unfortunately I didn't manage it and now got the certificate elsewhere.
But of course I want it to work next time.
So here are a few more questions.

Are the following settings correct, or must nsAccept be used here?

SSLOptions->EnableACME = true;
SSLOptions->NonSSLRequest = TIWNonSSLRequest::nsRedirect;

Do I have to manually create the /.well-known/acme-challenge/ directory or another one below ROOT or is another directory expected or created automatically?

Can I use my own THandler for ACME HTTP requests on port 80 so that I don't have to open the server for HTTP requests in general?
THandlers::Add(L"/.well-known/acme-challenge/", L"", new TIWH_Acme(PathAcmeChallenge));
Hi Juergen and Alexandre,

I got the same error message this morning. Same procedure as last time (1 July 2022) when the same procedure did work.
Using same versions as Juergen.
Hi Jeroen,

the error disappeared by itself in a later intraweb version, but now I'm using IW15.2.64.
Unfortunately, I still couldn't get the intraweb certificate manager to work with Let's Encrypt.

Since I didn't get an answer and there is no example either, I created an ACME handler and tried it with another certificate manager and it worked!

Regards Juergen
Hi Juergen,

I went back to the version of IW I used in July, the last time getting a LE certificate worked. This was IW15.2.55
Even with that version running, the LE error is the same. The version of IW used does not make a difference in my case.
IW15.2.55 15.2.60 and IW15.2.65

Hope we can use it in the future again.
Hi Jeroen,

I think you're right, it wasn't directly because of Intraweb.
I was trying to track down the error and it was probably an exception in Indy.
But I can no longer understand it because I had to reinstall my PC for another reason.
Wait... I'm kind of confused with all the messages. Is it working for your or not?

I've installed a couple of certificates myself using it a couple of weeks ago and everything just worked.
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