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Full Version: TIWCalendar in modal window
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I would like to place the calendar component TIWCalendar in a TFrame and use the frame in a modal window.

If I then click on any selectable component in the calendar, the corresponding event handler is also called by TIWCalendar,
after that, the modal window says goodbye without any further message and the calling form remains inoperable.

I often use modal windows together with TFrame in this form and have not had any problems so far.

A simple sample project for C ++ Builder is available.

C++Builder 10.4.2
Intraweb 15.2.36

You mention a sample project. Can you please send it to alexandre [at] atozed dot com?
I sent it.
I'll work on it today and let you know how it goes

Is there any new information on this topic ?
I've pinged Alexandre on this one.
I'm working on it right now. I'll have an answer soon.
The problem with that test case is that IWCalendar doesn't have an OnAsyncDateChanged event and that's what is needed in that case. Once you are using the OnDateChanged event (which is sync) a full submit will happen and it won't work correctly.
I'm investigating other possibilities and let you know ASAP
Thanks for the information
Please try IW 15.2.37 just released. I added Async support to IWCalendar via AsyncMode property. Switch it to True and it will trigger the events in an async way.

Please let me know how it goes
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