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Full Version: IW 2021 Update?
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Any news?

All the best,

Sadly COVID has thrown 2020 into turmoil for our team.

In short - we have moved up several new features into 15, jqGrid, full async and much more. Jackson is doing a 15 minute presso about this tmw for DelphiCon.

17 is 85% done, but has been on hold due to the reduction in resources because of COVID impacts. Lets hope for a better 2021!
This post was way before the pandemic:

Then the designer:

Now, everything is about the pandemic.....
Sadly the pandemic continues to affect us. If you are in the DR as your location says, you should well understand how it can affect daily life.

We are much farther along than when that post was made, but until we are 100% its still not complete.