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Full Version: copy to clipboard
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i have  TIWText  or IWMemo1 with some text inside

Have you any soluce for copy the text inside to the clipboard ?

Thank's a lot best regards
i see that there are some days
but how i use ?
i don't known how use this code
can you help me please ?
best regards
[Image: 83e6097c3ec1cd606b318b09711315a3.png]

[Image: 16f9a522141c8feaa8c911028acc40e4.png]
Using Kadzu's example link...

I dropped a TIWMEMO box in the form and an TIWButton 

Then set the ScriptEvents / OnClick on that button to execute the JavaScript to copy the IWMEMO1 to the clipboard.

So the above shows the alert message and where I pasted the clipboard copy into notepad.
Regarding your question, check cpstevenc's answer, but we need to know where or when do you need to copy the text or in what event?
thank you very much for your very clear response

best regards