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Full Version: TiwEdit component design issue.
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Hi All,

When I put on a TIwEdit on a form, at design, it is higher than usual. 32 pixels in stead of the usual 21. Is that only on my installation and if, how do I set it back to 21 ?

If it is a general change, I wonder why it has been changed and if that is the future size to get used to. NB! I'm still on 15.1.12.

Hi Soren,

I use iw15.1.14 and see it as well. TIWEdit gets a height of 32 pixels and the TIWButton of 30 pixels.
Button was 25 px height in older versions (iw15.0.23) and TIWEdit was 21px.
Thanks Jeroen,

It's nice to know it's not just on my system it's like that.