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Full Version: IWURL ability to select caption
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Hi there.  I am using the IWURL component and all works well.  Is there a way to be able to select the caption at run-time?  Whenever I try to select the caption, the field tries to drag or the URL activates.  If there is no way to do this perhaps this would be a nice addition for a future release.  I am used to be able to select a URL and copy the caption to the clipboard or just click on it to activate and go wherever designed and now I have a client asking about this since he is used to the same.  Cheers.
This is an issue in all web pages, not just IW. You can in fact select the text of a link but it takes a little bit of practice. Try moving a bit above or to either side before dragging.

Check this video:
Hi there.  Thank you very much for your response.  I can get that to work on your site too the way you have in the video.  The issue is in my application, when I finally get the sweet spot for no longer trying to drag, then the rest of the form highlights instead.  Are you saying that the URL that is in the video you have here is the same component?  Cheers!
No, its not some component. Its just how browsers work... even in the forums I had to play a bit to get the right sweet spot. You can try adding nsbp; before and after the text to give it some "grab" area.
Thank you for your response.  If I use the link component then I can select text but not with the URL component.  Thought I would try the other one just in case it was my app or environment.  Looks like it is working for you if you try really hard to find the "sweet spot".  A user will never fiddle this long so even though technically you can get to work, this is really non-end user friendly.  

So for more detail, if I select just in frond of the rectangle that shows with in focus, then all the text on the form highlights to be selected.  If I click and hold in the focus rectangle then the field tries to drag and will not select text.  Food for thought for a future release.

I think for my purpose, I may be able to use the link component so I will experiment a little in my sandbox to see hopefully if I can use this.