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Full Version: Can I use LibreSSL with Indy?
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I want to use LibreSSL with Indy.
Does Indy support LibreSSL?

(01-21-2020, 05:47 AM)t.muramoto Wrote: [ -> ]Does Indy support LibreSSL?

There is some VERY LIMITED support for older versions of LibreSSL that were API-compatible with OpenSSL 1.0.1.  But the latest version of LibreSSL is not supported at this time. See #231 Add support for LibreSSL TLS library for details.

(01-21-2020, 05:47 AM)t.muramoto Wrote: [ -> ]I want to use LibreSSL with Indy.

Then you will likely have to write your own custom TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketBase-derived class (or find a 3rd party one)  that uses an up-to-date LibreSSL instead of using OpenSSL.
- It doesn't support the latest version.
- you need to implement IOHandler yourself.
I understood that it is not officially supported. Thank you.