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Full Version: TIWGrid + TIWBSButton
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Hello. I am rewriting my project from regular IW to IWBootstrap (3).
I have a table (TIWGRid) in which several dynamic buttons are created, the code was like this:
  with grdGetNumber.Cell[ i, 4 ] do
     Control := TIWButton.Create( Self );

     with TIWButton( Control ) do
       Caption := 'Buy';
       Width  := 60;
       Height := 24;
       Name   := 'BTNGETNUMBER' + IntToStr( i );
       OnAsyncClick := OnBuyKeyAsyncClick;
       Tag    := i;

Now I want to use TIWBSButton, I added Parent to the code:
     with TIWBSButton( Control ) do
       Parent  := TWinControl( grdGetNumber );
       BSButtonStyle := bsbsPrimary;

The buttons on the page are displayed, but the page does not load to the end, the loading animation icon is constantly visible. How to add TIWBSButton to TIWGrid ?
I'm sure that there is a JavaScript error at some stage which blocks the loading of your page.

Open your browser console window when the loading animation gets stuck. Check the error messages there. It will tell you what is missing/wrong