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Full Version: on resize for regions?
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Standard HTML+JS only provides resize events for windows and frames. However Intraweb also resizes controls using the align functionality.  (e.g. when a splitter is used)

There are a couple of places where I've embedded content that needs to be notified of resize so they can redraw themselves. I've got the following code in one such place:


That code works as expected when the browser is resized.  However, when a splitter is used that causes the containing region to change size, that function will not be called.

Is there an IW event handler I can hook to to call this code when a region changes size?

Did you figure this out yet Pete?
You can resolve this using this update (or later version eventually):

Then you can add code like this to any IW control which is aligned (and is resized by the splitter). In this case is IWRegion1 region:

procedure TIWForm1.IWAppFormRender(Sender: TObject);
js: string;
js := 'var el = IW.$("IWREGION1");' +
'el.OnAfterResize = function (rect) {' +
'alert("IWREGION1 has been resized");' +