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Full Version: Print report with texto and HTML content
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Hi, I have an intraweb database  app. Some  tables have fields with texto and HTML content. Which report printer on server side will be able to print reports with HTML and text Fields content?
Hi, use FastReport with new cgirunner ( demo here ).
(04-21-2019, 09:57 PM)Jose Nilton Pace Wrote: [ -> ]use FastReport with new cgirunner ( demo here ).

Hi, thank you for your response. But my problem is that all print reports I found  has limited support to html objects. Fast Report accepts only a limited set of tags.

I am using summernote and ckeditor to edit my blobs, and some html has link to images, for sample.

With intraweb I need to use a html editor to edit my blobs fields, but the print reports need RTF or plain text to better support.

And, I need print reports with fields containing plain and html text.

How do you solved it?
Got it. For SummerNote and CKEditor there is a plugin for printing. Have you tried using the plugins?
SummerNote plugin:
CKEditor Plugin:
Yes I know. But I can't use It into report print such as fast report, Quick report and others
Another alternative would be to use PDFMaker and you have full control over the generated PDF.