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Full Version: Intraweb in Evaluation Mode
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I removed  IW14.1.x  form XE3

Ran the installer for 14.2.7, provide my key which expires  in August of 2018 and when I open an IW project, it states license expired, running in evaluation mode.

So, I removed IW,  ran the clean up tool,  rebooted, reinstalled IW 14.2.7 and I still get error, expired, running in val mode.  

Should I request a new key?  (Email already sent  just in case that fixes it.)
Can you post the output of any SA debug window?
(04-20-2018, 12:41 PM)kudzu Wrote: [ -> ]Can you post the output of any SA debug window?

Problem resolved.  Removed a random IWLicenseKey.dcu file that was in search path.  the .pas file had the right key.